Gin o`clock

More than 70 types of gin in the LEMON bar

It's gin o'clock in Baden

With our own gin, the awareded "5400 Badener Dry Gin" and over
70 different gin brands from all over the world, we are THE gin bar in Baden.
Let our bartender advise you on the different characters of the trendy juniper 
schnapps and the matching tonics and find your favorite gin. So that you don't 
end up "gin and gone" right away, we're also happy to serve you various snacks 
from our bar menu if you're feeling peckish.


gin tasting in Baden

Go and search for the "gin of life" with your team or friends. Our 
bartender will bring you closer to the history of gin, tell you something
about the different types of gin and serve you 6 different gins from
our range. At the end there is a small farewell gift. Isn't that GINtastic?


Executed for 6 or more people (at least 18 years) at a price of CHF 80 per person. 
Interested? Then make a reservation with us for your gin tasting!
book with us!

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