Quicky breakfast in Baden

One hour breakfast for an unbeatable price


The Restaurant Lemon is the ideal place for a short but hearty breakfast before work or a cozy coffee and breakfast meeting with friends.

During the week, you may help yourself to the fragrant breakfast buffet from Blue City Hotels every day between 9 and 10 a.m. for the unbeatable price of CHF 13.50.

The goal is to empty the breakfast buffet, as we strive to avoid any food waste. With coffee, tea, fruit juices, fruits, bircherm├╝esli, yogurt, cornflakes, cold cuts, cheese, bacon, scrambled eggs, salmon, pancakes, bread, rolls, croissants and much more, you start the day strengthened. 
So our motto is: "There is as much, as it has!"

breakfast-Quicky in Baden

Monday to Friday from 9 to 10 am for CHF 13.50 per person

Do you like this offer? Come by!
We do not take any reservations for our quicky guests.

Quicky: A "quick number". 3 minutes - that's how long an average quicky lasts. For us, it lasts a whole 60 minutes!