Breakfast for late risers in Baden

breakfast buffet à discrétion until 13:00

For all those who can not get out of bed after a long night on Saturday morning - stay in bed, we are already serving up something for you. Until 1 pm you can strengthen yourself at our versatile breakfast buffet.
Here you will find everything a late riser's heart desires: scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, rösti, meat and cheese platter, salmon, fruit, Birchermüesli, bread, rolls, croissants, and, and, and ...

Where else can you find such a hearty power start to the day? Reserve a table today, the seats are hotly sought after.

Late riser breakfast in Baden
Every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm for CHF 24 per person.


Late riser: Albert Einstein was a self-confessed pleasure and late riser. He is said to have overslept up to twelve hours a day and yet became the most famous physicist of the twentieth century. So our long-sleeper breakfast is not only delicious, it might even help it gain popularity.